After many years of working in construction, I developed a system of building bathrooms with all the most convenient elements for the best utilization of areas. keep in mind that what goes under the tiles is as important as the look, if you build a bathroom with poor materials, it will only last for few years, take this video and

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Vastu Tips For Bathroom, Toilets, WC, बाथरूम, टॉयलेट

बाथरुम का वास्तु हो कुछ इस तरह... किसी भी घर के शुभ वास्तु में एक अच्छे बाथरूम और टॉयलेट की भी उतनी ही भूमिका है जितनी बाकी कमरों और स्थानों की | किसी भी घर का बाथरुम कैसा है? यह बात किसी आने वाले पर गहरा प्रभाव डालती है। बाथरुम का इंटीरियर किसी भी घर की शोभा होती है। हर

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Small Bathroom Design-Ottawa Designer Shares Expert Tips and Ideas

Astro Ottawa Interior Designer Lauren Michael Connolly, D.I.D. takes the helm and shares her knowledge on creating "illusions of grandeur" in a small bathroom design. From suspended vanities to utilizing tones and colours to make a small bathroom feel larger. Topics- small bathroom Ottawa small bathroom designs Ottawa small bathroom renovations Ottawa small bathroom ideas small bathroom tips

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